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School and Corridor Gates
Our Xtra-Duty portable folding gates offer strong solutions to the challenging
needs for security and traffic control in any situation.
extra duty folding gates folding gates
Portable Gate Extracted
Portable Gate Closed and Ready to Move
The New Xtra-duty line of gates are entirely
custom-made in order to fit any size opening

and can accommodate a variety of installation options
designed to make the security solution as easy
and clean as possible.

The Xtra-duty portable gate comes in three styles
of locking mechanisms:

Pressure Fit Portable Gate Model. This gate locks
into place quicker and easier than any other portable
gate offered. It can be moved effortlessly from place
to place and locks easily to provide instant security
without upfront installation — there is no need for floor
or wall anchors with this gate.
For portable security needs, this new line of portable
gate provides the kind of flexibility which exceeds
normal location requirements. The Xtra-duty portable
gate models are designed for use as traffic control units
in schools, park district facilities, churches and community
centers. Compact and easy to operate, the Xtra-duty
portable line can be used in as many different areas as
needed with the kind of adaptability to fit almost any
condition and need. It is designed to set up in seconds,
installs almost anywhere, rolls easily into place and can
be made to disappear when not in use.
Floor Mount Portable Gate Model. Utilizing a reliable
and ultra-secure floor anchor system, this gate challenges
the most demanding stress during use. Lean on it, push
on it, tug on it — the gate stays put in rigid protection.
Wall Anchor Gate Model. Portable gates also are
available with a standard wall anchor system found on
standard heavy duty portable gates.
All gates come in a galvanized finish that never needs
maintenance — delivering a higher level of security
with a lower cost of ownership. They stand up to
4-Season weather like heat, rain and snow and they
won't be harmed by harsh industrial chemicals and
cleaners. They are virtually maintenance free.
portable folding gates
Pressure Fit Gate Closing
Pressure fit system eliminates the need for wall or floor
installation saving time and effort.
Pressure Fit Bumpers
steel gates portable folding wall gate
Pressure Fit Locked and Secure
Heavy-duty swivel casters make moving and storage easy.
portable floor mounting gate
Portable Wall Mount
Portable Floor Mount Close up
Gates are available with a reliable floor locking system.
Matching existing color schemes in your facility is a breeze
A galvanized steel finish is standard for Single, Pair, Door and Portable Gates.
Custom powder coating is also available for all gates in over 300 DuPont colors.
galvanized gate Galvanized Finish powder coated folding gate Powder Coating Finish

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Model No. Mounting Height Width Price
XPPF36 Pressure Fit 6'-6" 3'-6'
XPPF69 Pressure Fit 6'-6" 6'-9'
XPPF712 Pressure Fit 6'-6" 7'-12'
XPWM36 Wall Mount 6'-6" 3'-6'
XPWM69 Wall Mount 6'-6" 6'-9'
XPWM712 Wall Mount 6'-6" 7'-12'
XPWM1115 Wall Mount 6'-6" 11'-15'
XPWM1318 Wall Mount 6'-6" 13'-18'
XPFM36 Floor Mount 6'-6" 3'-6'
XPFM69 Floor Mount 6'-6" 6'-9'
XPFM712 Floor Mount 6'-6" 7'-12'
XPFM1115 Floor Mount 6'-6" 11'-15'
XPFM1318 Floor Mount 6'-6" 13'-18'
Xtra-Duty Portable Gates, Portable Security Gate, Rolling Security Gates, Portable Gate, Steel Folding Gates, Collapsible
Gates, Expanding Gate, and Retractable Security Gates from your source for material handling equipment.

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