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Handling is a Cinch.

A U-shaped barrel platform and double looped strap make for easy loading. A lightweight design, kick plate,
and rolled- grip handles make for easy tipping. Large 10” wheels and ergonomic design make transport trouble free.
The common dolly has been rattling around industrial plants for 200 years
virtually unchanged in design and function. It has been a good tool, but not
efficient enough for handling today’s hazardous materials. Poly-Dolly, the
multi-functional, two-wheel dispensing station, takes the dolly out of the
Industrial Revolution and into the 21st Century.

poly dolly
With Poly-Dolly, mobile dispensing of hazardous liquids is no longer a
cumbersome, risky business. It transports 55-gallon drums with ease, tilts
to become an efficient self-dispensing station,and acts as its own secondary
containment unit. By reducing unnecessary and dangerous drum handling,
Poly-Dolly protects workers and improves efficiency—two big items in
improving profits.

Made of long-lasting, tough polyethylene, Poly-Dolly is strong enough to
withstand daily bumps and scuffs and will not rust or corrode.That is why
companies are saying: “Goodbye dolly. Hello Poly-Dolly.”



The Universal Well Liner
provides extra spill
protection. To reclaim
spilled material, just lift
up the cleaning,
wiping or scrubbing.

Snug fitting, durable cover protects the Poly-Dolly® from
outdoor elements. Built in document pouch and cinch straps.

drum dolly cover
Product No. 6005-BK


Sold separately, the Conversion
Kit comes complete with pneumatic
rubber wheels and washers.
Everything you need to convert
the Poly-Dolly into an ATD in just
a few simple steps.
Product No.
Product No. 5300-TARP
Handling is a cinch!
A U-shaped barrel platform and
double looped strap make for easy
The lightweight design, kick plate and
rolled-grip handles makes for easy
Large 10" wheels and ergonomic
design make transport trouble free.

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Specifications and Pricing
Product No.
Dimensions 69" l x 32.5" w x 26.5" h
175 cm x 82 cm x 67 cm
69" l x 32.5" w x 26.5" h
175 cm x 87 cm x 67 cm
12.75" l x 15.5" w x 2.5" h
32 cm x 39 cm x 6 cm
4" w x 10" h
10 cm x 25 cm
56" l x 34" w x 26" h
142 cm x 86 cm x 66 cm
Weight 98 lbs. / 44.5 kg 103 lbs. / 46.7 kg 1 lb. / 0.45 kg 3.6 lb. / 1.6 kg 5 lbs. / 2.25 kg
Load Bearing
Capacity UDL
600 lbs. / 270 kg
               600 lbs. / 270 kg
80 gal. / 304 liters 80 gal. / 304 liters
       0.5 gal. / 1.9 liters
Regulations EPA 40 CFR 264.175
     EPA 40 CFR 264.175
* 5311-BK:  listed size and weight is per wheel
Drum Handling, Drum Trucks, Drum Carts, Hand Trucks, 2 Wheel Dollies, Poly-Dolly, Poly Hand Trucks, Trolleys, and
Dispensing Hand Trucks from your source for material handling equipment.

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