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3,000 lb Single-Line or 6,000 lb Double-Line Lift

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electric winch hoist
• 3,000 lb. single-line or 6,000 lb. double-line lift
• Trifecta system 115 volt brake motor with triple
   brake system for instant stopping
• Worm gear reduction for positive load holding
• Dynamic braking for instant stopping
• Compact, heavy-duty construction
• Low voltage 10 ft pendant control
• Cable tensioner for better cable tracking
All winches and hoists are designed for material
handling usage only.

• Heavy-duty Lifting
• Ideal for In-Plant Use
• Moving Equipment
• Lifting Motors and Heavy Apparatus
• Installation of Elevator Equipment
brake motor for hoist
For Optimum Lift Control
and Safety!
Model No.
Construction Features:
Heavy-duty base drilled for six (6) 1/2" bolts (9/16"
   mounting holes)
with no welding required.
Fully sealed aluminum housings, with precision-cut
   gears, run in an oil bath.
First reduction combines spur gears with hardened
   steel worm and forged bronze worm gear system.
   Holds load in position when stopped.
• Second reduction uses hardened heavy-duty spur gears
Gear guard encloses external gear reduction
Frictionless bearing
1430:1 double reduction

11 RPM: No-load drum speed
11 FPM: No-load drum speed
9 RPM: 1,000 lbs - single-line lift
7:25 FPM: 3,000 lbs - single- line lift
3.5 FPM: 6,000 lbs - double-line lift
Note: All speeds are based on one layer of cable on drum.

Drum Storage:
1/4" - 250'
5/16" - 160'
3/8" - 110'
For best results, use the minimum amount of cable
required for application. Maintain four wraps of
cable on the drum at all times. Cable sold separately.
Length and size must be specified at time of order.
Universal 18,500 RPM reversible
   1.25 HP motor brake (no-load speed)
15' power cord plugs into any 115 Volt, AC,
   grounded outlet.
6 amp - No load
14 amp - Full load
Pulling Capacity:
10% (6°): 24,000 lbs 60% (31°): 4,600 lb
20% (11°): 12,200 lbs 80% (39°): 3,800 LB
40% (22°): 6,400 lbs 100% (451°): 3,300 LB
Winch-hoists are rated for what they will vertically lift.
Above data is based on the total load that may be pulled,
single line, up a given incline. All capacities are reduced
20% to allow for minimum friction in pull
Duty Cycle:
25% - 15 min/hr when operating at full load
Lifting Capacity:
3,000 lbs - 1-2 layers of cable (54' of 5/16" cable)
2,650 lbs - 3 layers of cable (100' of 5/16" cable)
2,150 lbs - full drum of cable (160' of 5/16" cable)

Shipping Weight:
132 lbs

Factory-Installed Options:
230 Volt
Upside-Down Mounting
Model DC48 (12V DC Power)
Divided Drum

Cable Strength:
5-1 recommended safety factor
Top-quality galvanized cable available in the
   following breaking strengths:
1/4" - 7,000 lbs
5/16" - 9,800 lbs
3/8" - 14,400 lbs

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