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Dual Tapered End Style

4 wheel tilt trucks
ezy rol tilt trucks
tilt trucks Constructed of 14-ga. steel with leak-proof solid welds
on the seams for long-lasting, dependable service. The
running gear consists of two fixed casters reinforced by steel
tubing, and two swivel steering casters. Tapered ends allow
tilt truck to adapt to virtually any material handling situation,
and provide for safe and easy loading and unloading.
Hemmed lip around the top edge of the truck provides
reinforcement with bulky loads, and steel handles aid in
maneuvering trucks. Rolls easily on two fixed and two
swivel molded-on rubber casters.
• Designed to handle big loads.
• Tapered ends allow easy loading and
• Hopper is balanced to maneuver and dump
   with reduced effort.
• Heavy 14-gauge steel construction with   leakproof solid weld seams.
• OPTIONAL hand brake helps operator
   control heavy loads on slopes and allows
   wheels to lock for easy dumping.
• Choice of 3 different wheels for use on
   varying surfaces.
Pneumatic Wheels
Demountable Solid Tires
Molded-On Solid Wheels
Provide better handling on rough
   indoor surfaces and on outdoor
Tube-type 4-ply tires are mounted
   on an aluminum hub-and-rim
   assembly that can be disassembled
   for easy tire replacement.
FIXED wheels are 12" x 3.50"
SWIVEL wheels are 10" x 3.50"
Dual purpose hand brakes are
   available on models utilizing
   pneumatic tire wheels.

Mounted on a bolted hub-and-rim
   assembly - available on trucks with
Easy to replace if worn or damaged.
FIXED wheels measure 10" x 2.5"
SWIVEL wheels are 8" x 2"

Note: Although swivel wheels are
          smaller than fixed wheels on all
          models, trucks are perfectly level.

Have solid synthetic composition
   tires permanently bonded to
   aluminum core wheels.
FIXED wheels are 10" x 2.5"
SWIVEL wheels are 8" x 2"
Optional Dual Purpose Brakes
Heavy-Duty Wheel Assemblies
Truck equipped with a hand brake
are recommended for use on inclines
and for moving heavy loads. Brake
assemblies in both front wheels allow
operator to stop and load quickly and
safely with pressure on the hand lever.
Brakes are also used to lock the front
wheels for easy "Break-over" to dump
loads. Trucks with brakes are
available with choice of solid tire
wheels or pneumatic tire wheels.
Running gear is built to last. Front and
rear wheel assemblies are mounted on
a separated heavy steel plate, which is
than welded to the hopper bottom.
Rigid caster assembly is reinforced by
steel tubing, to keep from bending in.
dual tapered tilt trucks
Trucks equipped with a hand brake
help operator control heavy loads
Truck equipped with a hand brake are
recommended for use on inclines

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2 fixed casters, 2 rear swivel steering casters
Model No. Dimensions
H x L x W
Bulk Cap
Mold On
Two fixed caster, twin Rear swivel steering casters
F85142A5 40x68x30" 22.2 cu.ft. 14.3 cu.ft. X 2000 lbs 198 lbs
F85161A1 40x68x36" 26.7 cu.ft. 17.2 cu.ft. X 2000 lbs 205 lbs
Box Trucks, Ezy-Rol, Tilt Trucks, Akro-Tilt Trucks, Akro-Carts, Rubbermaid Tilt Trucks, and Roll Out Containers
from your source for material handling equipment.

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